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Critical Infrastructure Builds Resilient Systems with Paige Wireless (now Ethos Connected), a Leading IoT Company


Paige Wireless (now Ethos Connected) is solving fundamental problems amplified by aged critical infrastructure by providing affordable, reliable, and accessible solutions that leverage the Internet of Things (IoT), advanced sensor technology, and the largest carrier-grade LoRaWAN® network in North America. The company maintains its leadership position by helping customers tackle current and future challenges often not addressed by solutions providers.


Over the past few months, governments, businesses, and citizens have grappled with new internal and external threats. Ethos Connected exemplifies the standards that should be required to connect critical infrastructure; setting the standard for redundancy, network up-time, and security. They have incorporated several architectural methods and countermeasures to ensure consistent, dependable service. 


“Working with customers, I see firsthand how Paige Wireless (now Ethos Connected) is integral to critical systems that affect people like the producers we rely on to provide us nutritious and safe food and the water professionals we depend on to deliver the most critical resource for life,” said Julie Bushell, Former President of Paige Wireless and Founder of Ethos Connected. “We are committed to maintaining the highest standards so that the critical infrastructure our society depends on is resilient, redundant, and secure.”


While many communities in America are struggling with aged infrastructure, some are implementing new technology and seeing results. Water District 63 in Idaho saw the potential for IoT, LoRaWAN®, and advanced sensor technology to change the way they serve the surrounding communities. In a recent case study, the Water District was able to increase efficiency and save water thanks to a partnership between Ethos Connected and Cisco. They estimate water savings of 9,000-15,000 acre-feet within a six-month season or nearly 32 Olympic-sized swimming pools of water per day. The District now has real-time data to make regular adjustments to the system, leading to significant daily savings.


To support critical infrastructure, Ethos has built highly redundant cybersecurity protocols that include both an intrusion detection system (IDS) and an intrusion prevention system (IPS). There is also end-to-end data encryption using cryptographically-secure keys and encryption algorithms; additional sophistication allows only authorized users to have access.


Secure software-enabled access to all network elements is a key benefit for critical infrastructure, as Ethos seeks to help customers predict emergencies and increase resilience. For added reassurance, the company provides 24/7 active monitoring of the entire network infrastructure.


“We are driving innovation in communities, on farms, along waterways, and across North America,” said Bushell. “Paige Wireless (now Ethos Connected) will maintain market leadership in IoT and LoRaWAN as we continue to expand our offerings and our network.”


To learn more about how Ethos Connected solves important problems for critical industries, visit the Ethos Connected industries page or visit the press center for recent blogs, case studies, and more.


About Ethos Connected

Ethos Connected is the most comprehensive full-service IoT connectivity solution in North America. The company helps organizations in under-served industrial verticals, government agencies, and local communities leverage technology to address complex problems impacting the food we eat, the water we drink, and more.

Ethos provides consultative support and strategic guidance, along with the largest, contiguous carrier-grade LoRaWAN network in North America, advanced sensor technology, and predictive analytics. Customers can leverage this technology for remote data collection, task automation, security and asset management, resource control and more to maintain quality performance, ensure uptime for critical services (over 99.9%), increase resilience to unforeseen events, and consistently deliver a return on investment.

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