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Putting the power in the hands of the producers we serve.

Using our public, carrier-grade LoRaWAN network and immense bandwidth capacity, we empower producers with cost effective real-time data to increase productivity, prove sustainable practices and increase transparency in the production process. That means greater consumer confidence, increased protection of producers, and a deeper societal understanding of global sustainability efforts. We maximize inputs and profits to create a safe, secure food supply chain.


Learn about the deployment of our statewide LoRaWAN network and the benefits it brings to farms and rural communities across the state. 

Helping buildings perform at their best.

Using low-cost, LoRaWAN connected sensors, we help monitor everything from building functionality -- HVAC, electric, water, etc. -- to human use. The data collected from these sensors gives owner and facility managers a diagnostic X-ray of how the building is functioning overall, allowing them to optimize efficiencies that maximize comfort, save money, and drastically reduce waste.

Driving the future of connected vehicles.

We are experts in deploying connectivity to support autonomy and the movement of driverless equipment in rural communities. We deliver ultra-highband networks for real-time, low latency connectivity and complement it with our LoRaWAN network, allowing autonomous technology to perform at its best.

Optimizing resources for a stronger grid.

We use our LoRaWAN and highband networks to lay a secure communication foundation for connected grids. Our technology provides utilities a granular look at their infrastructure over a wide-ranging area. The information provided to the utility allows for intelligent and cost-effective decisions for their operations: Maximal uptime and less -- or shorter-- outages.

Making municipal water manageable.

We use our LoRaWAN and highband networks to monitor, control and secure the flow of water, transmitting that information to operators. This information includes the amount of water used, alerts of unusual or excess usage, pH levels, and more. By doing so, we’re helping make water cleaner, safer, and cheaper for the cities, towns and municipalities we serve.

Maximizing every drop.

We specialize in water technologies, delivering a granular look into water use efficiencies, water budgets and irrigation management. Through the use of affordable and scalable LoRaWAN sensors, we monitor rain, well water, pump functionality, soil moisture, and flow to provide real-time information that allows irrigators and water managers to make the most informed decisions.