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At Ethos Connected, we are dedicated to building a technologically advanced, sustainable, and connected Rural America where data-driven insights support farmers and ranchers, enhance water conservation, and strengthen community resilience.

We do this by:

Protecting Agriculture: We support farmers, ranchers, and small businesses to drive rural economic development, job creation, and community resilience.

Growing Rural Communities: We modernize critical rural infrastructure, improve connectivity, efficiency, and sustainability to spur growth in rural communities. 

Conserving Natural Resources: We conserve land, soil, water, and energy by transforming the way the world thinks about managing our most precious resources. 

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Idaho Water District 63 and Ethos Connected have implemented one of the most consequential water conservation projects in the American West. Saving 19,000 acre-feet of water in just one and a half irrigation...


As the Western United States struggles with increasingly severe bouts of drought and extreme weather conditions, state and local governments are recognizing the need to modernize critical water infrastructure.


Agriculture is the economic engine for Nebraska. In many parts of the state, production is driven by availability and access to groundwater. Nebraska leads in groundwater management with its 23 Natural ...

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