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Paige Wireless℠ (Now Ethos Connected) Deploys North America’s First Statewide Public LoRaWAN® Network across Nebraska.


Friday, September 13, 2019 – Columbus, Nebraska – Paige Wireless LLC. (now Ethos Connected) announced today the deployment of their carrier-grade, public LoRaWAN® network across the State of Nebraska.


The Ethos Connected network aims to reignite rural America’s status as an epicenter for new, practical technologies that help industries, farmers, businesses, students and communities thrive. Known as the Silicon Prairie, Nebraska is already driving cutting-edge technology development and adoption. Ethos enables them to go further.


Despite the typical top-down approach, Ethos is working from the ground up to ensure that all sensors are connected, no matter how hard they are to reach. Nebraska’s new LoRaWAN® network from Ethos allows users to deploy low-cost sensors, access real-time data, and make on-demand decisions to improve efficiency, safety, security, actionability, and the bottom line.


On the farm, Ethos is providing resources to help maximize resources and yield, driven by real-time data. Producers across the state now have greater insight into their daily operations. Ethos’ LoRaWAN® network exists to allow producers to lower their costs with more efficient water, nutrient, feed and soil health management. The data collected can offer actionable insight and answers into questions about methodology, sustainability and stewardship. The benefits for rural and farmland applications once considered unimaginable are now innumerable.


The benefits are equally profound for cities. Ethos is revolutionizing the City of the Future with IoT technology. Between autonomous vehicles, smart buildings and offices, pre-emptive leak detection and efficient water management, Ethos is helping create resilient, healthier and safer cities. Utilizing the Ethos carrier-grade network and connected IoT sensors, cities can make informed, proactive decisions, while simultaneously pursuing more innovative processes.  


Ethos has the technical expertise to develop cutting-edge market solutions. Together, with the hyper-specialization and market expertise of Paige Electric they are scaling groundbreaking new technologies across many industry verticals. With this innovation and scale, Ethos can significantly lower overall costs driving the real value of the IoT.  


With the deployment of its public LoRaWAN® network across the State of Nebraska, Ethos Connected is executing on its promise to change the way the world connects.


About Paige Wireless 

Ethos Connected is the most comprehensive full-service IoT connectivity solution in North America. The company helps organizations in under-served industrial verticals, government agencies, and local communities leverage technology to address complex problems impacting the food we eat, the water we drink, and more.

Ethos provides consultative support and strategic guidance, along with the largest, contiguous carrier-grade LoRaWAN network in North America, advanced sensor technology, and predictive analytics. Customers can leverage this technology for remote data collection, task automation, security and asset management, resource control and more to maintain quality performance, ensure uptime for critical services (over 99.9%), increase resilience to unforeseen events, and consistently deliver a return on investment.

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