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Paige Wireless and TEKTELIC Communications Inc. Join to Enhance Precision Agriculture and Sustainability


Paige Wireless, a subsidiary of Paige Electric Co., LP as well as a premier supplier of wire, cable and connectivity solutions, has selected TEKTELIC Communications, a leading provider of LoRaWAN Gateways, Sensors, and Applications as its supplier for wireless LoRaWAN network deployment.Paige has been rendering supporting to customers and empowering them for many decades by giving customized electric wires, connectorized cable assemblies, and accessories.

These technologies have helped users to automate, power and collect key metrics and data. As Internet of Things (IoT) and other innovative wireless technologies emerged, Paige Wireless can now enabling offerings by supplying users with wireless connectivity to their assets. Paige Wireless has selected LoRaWAN as their wireless technology of choice, to support this initiative as a result of its low-power, long-range, and highly-scalable capabilities.