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AI-Assisted Decision Making

We partner with SAS® to enable large-scale forecasting that uses predictive modeling. Insightful and interactive visualizations make it easy to analyze large data sets collected by our smart sensors so you can make decisions with confidence.


The power of Ethos Connected & SAS

Predictive Analytics

Sensors leveraging Ethos Connected’s LoRaWAN network deliver ground-truth data to support downstream analytics and forecasting. With SAS, use this data to model virtually any type of behavior, and incorporate past and future events into your forecast so you can plan more effectively for the future.

Real-time Decision Making

As organizations gain access to more data, analytically driven decision making is becoming a critical differentiator, and an opportunity to optimize processes. Enhance your human-led decisions with data-driven insights powered by Paige Wireless & SAS.

Data Visualization

Customizable interactive reports and dashboards help you see the big picture, accelerate insights, and enable you to uncover stories hidden in your data.

Industry Solutions

Connected Water Management

Ethos Connected's carrier- grade network, real-time sensors and water management expertise combined with SAS analytics provides robust tools to help forecast, manage and allocate water.

The powerful combination of technologies also predicts floods up to 7 days in advance and prepares communities for water quality risks.

Connected Farms

Ethos Connected provides real-time data on animals’ health and wellbeing— helping identify sick animals as soon as symptoms appear. Other sensors across the farm keep watch of crop and weather conditions, energy usage, and more.

Ethos Connected state-of-the-art network and sensors, combined with the analytics power of SAS, collects and analyzes data making it easy to digest and actionable; making your farm more efficient and reducing operational loss.

Connected Grid

Build a safe, resilient, and effective power grid with the Ethos Connected and SAS.

Data collected leveraging Ethos Connected's carrier-grade network and leading-edge sensors is analyzed with the power of SAS analytics to evaluate electrical usage, predict critical maintenance, and better forecast and manage solar energy generation.

Connected Buildings

Ethos Connected and SAS- powered Connected Buildings are the smartest way to cut down on unnecessary power usage and achieve efficiency.

Ethos Connected’s scalable LoRaWAN network and sensors monitor electricity usage, while the power of SAS analytics identifies inefficiencies in your building’s operation—decreasing its footprint and making it more comfortable, cost effective and enjoyable.