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Ethos Connected is revolutionizing rural connectivity, supporting farmers and ranchers, and fueling sustainable agricultural practices.


To reshape the future of our world into one that’s sustainable, connected, and efficient.

Our Mission

Create Efficiencies

Our solution allows for the collection of data that was once considered impossible--data that’s vital for helping industries, communities and agencies optimize their capacity to work smarter and more efficiently.

Maximize Sustainability

Our data collection tools are revolutionizing how we use our resources--whether it be water, soil, food, energy, or human labor. We’re working with organizations of all kinds to usher in a new era of efficiency.

Reach the Unreachable

Our cutting-edge network creates economic opportunities never seen before. We’re connecting locations that were once deemed unreachable, and giving industries unprecedented opportunities to innovate and improve productivity.

Connecting You to More

Carrier-Grade LoRaWAN Network

  • Designed, deployed and operate the largest public, carrier-grade contiguous LoRaWAN network in the United States.
  • Experts in connecting the most rural communities without the overhead costs of mainstream cellular carriers.
  • Driven by the economic benefits digitization brings to businesses, organizations and communities they serve.

Mission-Critical Broadband Network

  • Design, deploy and operate robust, secure broadband networks for mission-critical applications.
  • Highly specialized in wireless network requirements, design and implementation for precision agriculture, utilities, municipalities and critical infrastructure.
  • Dedicated to putting the power back in the hands of the industries we serve by providing open-source, interoperable, broadband connectivity where it is needed most.

Our Solutions

Learn more about our network, hardware, and software solutions.

Our Solutions
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Whether you are looking for connectivity, traceability, software, or sensor solutions, we want to be your trusted partner. Ready to connect?